Mechanical Insulation
Mechanical Insulation saves energy, improves process control and productivity, reduces emissions, protects workers, reduces unwanted sounds, and offers amazing returns on investments. We specialize in all types of mechanical insulation from complex industrial, military and marine systems to the basic commercial ductwork and plumbing systems insulation.
When it comes to firestop solutions, we can handle any scope type for all of the trades, utilizing all product lines available on the market. We use caulks, putties, sealants, foams, and fire-rated devices for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) penetrations and membrane applications. We use flexible duct wrap and endothermic mat products for fire-resistant duct, critical electrical circuits and structural steel applications. We seal Drywall and CMU wall joints for fire, smoke and sound resistance with watertight sprays, caulks, sealants and tapes for interior construction joints and perimeter/curtain wall applications.
Systems Scaffolding
We offer System Scaffolding as a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and or repairs of your project. We perform Systems Scaffolding for industrial construction in South Carolina and have SC engineering capabilities and can provide scaffolding support for our other offerings throughout the southeast.
IFRM Intumescent Coatings / and SFRM Fireproofing
We have extensive intumescent coating experience. Our applicators are NACE certified and understand the importance of substrate preparation, primer adhesion, and the atmospheric performance impact of coating during application. Our technicians also perform spray applied fireproofing of metal decks and structural steel to meet your building code requirements.
Removable Blankets/Pads
We offer Removable Insulation Blankets/Pads for Fire-rating and Thermal protection used to insulate equipment, systems, processes, structures, as well as numerous other specialty contracted projects. For example, Structural Bulkhead and Overhead Hull Fire-rated pad design onboard US Naval Ships is a specialized industry skill that Carolina Insulation Contractors has the qualifications and knowledge to navigate building and maritime codes to deliver excellence to your project.
Expansion Joint Covers
We offer the latest innovations and top brand manufactures in expansion joint covers to protect commercial buildings from damage due to fires and movement from thermal expansion, wind or earthquakes.